Regina Miele/Edward Thomas

April 3, 2015 – April 25, 2015

A conversation in figurative painting, this exhibition features works that highlight each artist’s way of breathing life, volume, and movement into art.

Regina Miele - Meridians

This exhibition will feature paintings of locations along one of the Meridians of DC to Monticello. As Miele says “As a painter I am most attracted to times of day that express change. I also am drawn to landscapes that evoke a sense of biological memory. She plans to produce new works for this exhibition, some featuring local scenes 

Edward Thomas – Praxinoscopes

Edward Thomas is a local artist, often seen painting outside in Charlottesville. Thomas paints a sequence of single panel frames, presented on praxinoscopes (a turntable-like device) with a fascinating result similar to stop-motion animation. This series is a new set of work that has not been shown before. 

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 Women for Art:

Anonymous (4) • Chloe Ball • Erica Barnes • Nancy Bass
Colleen Bassett • Kelli Block • Janis S. Chevalier • Courtney Coker
Karen Jaegerman Collins • Elizabeth Crawford • Scheline Crutchfield
Charlotte Dammann • Deirdre Davie • Catherine Dee • Julie Dixon
Lisa Draine • Therese Elron • Stacey Evans • Susan Fleischmann
Pamela Cole Friedman • Sylvia Gage • Linda Goodling in Memory of Janet King
Deanna Gould • Cathy Kramer • Holen Lewis • Dr. Anna Magee
Monica Markelz • Virginia Michel • Hollins Mills • Lynn Mills
Mary Murray • Annette Owens • Audrey Sipe Phillips • Elizabeth Piper
Barbara Shifflett • Jane-Ashley Skinner • Anne Slaughter • Jennifer Slaughter
Russell Willis Taylor • Claire Holman Thompson • Linda Wachtmeister
Jennis Warren • Lyn Bolen Warren • Marilyn Wright • Sarah Boyts Yoder
Megan Eagle Kingdon • Tosha Grantham • Cate West Zahl
Sara Lee Barnes • Judy Rasmussen • Caroline Nunley Satira