Resources for Kids

POSTED ON 3.24.2020

We'll be updating this page every week with new, free activities inspired by past and current exhibitions. Have fun and get creative!

Second Street Gallery is a 501(c)3 nonprofit art space, and we depend on donations from the community to bring the best of contemporary art and arts outreach to all ages! If you enjoy these Resources for Kids, please consider making a donation to support the gallery during this unprecedented time.




Whimsical coloring book page by local artist Ryan Trott (printable) HERE.

Coloring book page by Lana Guerra, inspired by her exhibition water.poison.drink.dive (printable) HERE.

Coloring book page by local artist Sam Gray (printable) HERE.

Coloring book page by local botanical artist Lara Call Gastinger (printable) HERE.

Charlottesville-themed coloring book page by Steve Haske (printable) HERE.

Coloring book page by Lou Haney (printable) HERE.

Coloring book page by Abigail Wilson (printable) HERE.



Activity book inspired by the exhibition By The Strength of Their Skin (printable) HERE.

Activity book inspired by Tanya Minhas' solo exhibition, Nature Tells Its Own Story (printable) HERE.

Activity book inspired by past exhibitions from John Grant and WAXenVine (printable) HERE.

Activity book inspired by the exhibition Inside the Artists' Studio (printable) HERE.

Activity book inspired by José Bedia (printable) HERE

Activity book inspired by Erik Benson and Melissa Cooke-Benson (printable) HERE.


Grow your own crystals like Doug Young! Activity book (printable HERE.

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