Teeny Tiny Trifecta 3

September 3, 2020 – September 25, 2020

Kicking off our 47th Exhibition Season, Teeny Tiny Trifecta 3 consists of three works of art by each artist in a wide range of styles, techniques, and mediums, all measuring 9 x 9 inches or smaller.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Teeny Tiny Trifecta 3, featuring over 100 artists, will be exhibited in the Main Gallery. Artwork will be available for purchase, priced at $100 each, online and in person. Purchase artwork online HERE.

Out of caution for our staff and visitors, the exhibition will be open for free appointments starting Saturday, September 5. In lieu of our VIP Preview Party, we hosted two Private Early Access days on Thursday, September 3, and Friday, September 4.

We were so pleased to announce a new feature of the Teeny Tiny Trifecta 3 adjudication process: three cash awards, The Curator's Choice (selected by Executive Director Kristen Chiacchia), The Juror’s Choice (selected by a committee of local arts professionals), and The Audience Choice (selected by the public). Congratulations to Heather Owens for winning The Curator's Choice, and to Sahara Clemons for winning The Juror's Choice! Cast your vote for The Audience Choice when you visit the gallery, or vote online for $1 HERE.

Participating artists include:

Leigh Bartenstein, Nancy Bass, Chrissy Baucom, Peter Benedetti, Bill Bennett, Jennifer Billingsly, Deliece Blanchard, David Borszich, Jessica Lee Breed, Susan Willis Brodie, Michael Brunelle, Anna Bryant, Nina Frances Burke, Angus Carter, Mary Jane Check, Erika Chu, Sahara Clemons, Courtney Coker, Jessie Coles, Karen Collins, Colleen Conner, Linda Croxson, Scheline Crutchfield, Ginger Danz, Delna Dastur, Lindsay Heider Diamond, Hannah Diomataris, Gray Dodson, Leslie Doughty, Holly Draper, Zoé Edgecomb, Karen Eide, Sigrid Eilertson, Alice Anne Ellis, Jane Fellows, Alex Freeman, Eileen French, Michelle Gagliano, Jana Gamble, Lara Call Gastinger, Giselle Gautreau, Camille Gerrick, Jane Goodman, Juan Granados, Susan Greene, Cassie Guy, Gail S. Haile, Diana Hale, Lou Haney, Robin Harris, Chris Haske, Steve Haske, Ken Horne, Sherrie Hunt, Janly Jaggard, Anuja Jaitly, Jum Jirapan, Brian Jones, Levi Keatts, Bussie Parker Kehoe, Sri Kodakalla, Natalie Kohler, Kathy Kuhlmann, J.M. Lamb, Suzy Lindow, Logan Mackethan, Ramona Martinez, Benita Mayo, Charlotte McCoy McAdams, Ashley Sauder Miller, Theodora Miller, Trisstessa Motley, Tobiah Mundt, Tamara Murray, Ken Nadle, Susan Northington, Lia Norton, Akemi Ohira, Patte Reider Ormsby, Heather Owens, Charles Peale, Lisa Philipps, Caroline Polich, Jeannine Regan, Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes, Karen Robertson, Karen Rosasco, Susan Crave Rosen, Lisa Ryan, Anne Savedge, Sharon Shapiro, Andrew Sherogan, Karen Siegrist, Russell Skinner, Carmen Smith, Meghan Smith, Laura Josephine Snyder, Stefanie Stark, Rochelle Sumner & Will Kerner (The Bonnet Maker), Kristin Noel Thornsvard, Krista Townsend, Marcelle Van Yahres, Kathleen Westkaemper, Priscilla Whitlock, Nicole Willson, Abigail Wilson, Steven H. Wolf, Jacob Wood, Kristie Edwards Wood, Laura Wooten, Shannon Worrell, Christen Borgman Yates, Sarah Boyts Yoder, Cate West Zahl

Exhibition Sponsors

Gardy Bloemers, CFP Vice President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management