Exhibition Proposals




Executive Director and Chief Curator Kristen Chiacchia brings the New York City art world practice of exhibiting art in a carefully curated back room or office to Charlottesville! Beginning with Season 44, Second Street Gallery will launch a new program to give local artists additional opportunities to showcase their work in the gallery. Each month, Second Street Gallery will spotlight a different artist in The Backroom @ SSG.

There will be two walls in the front of the office space for the artist of the month to hang their work. The sizes of the walls are 76H x 68W inches and 88H x 100W inches.

The gallery will spotlight the artist and their work in an individual e-mail campaign, on the gallery website, and on social media. There will be signage at the front reception desk of the gallery, inviting visitors to the gallery to head back to the office to visit the work. Additional signage will be placed next to the office door so people know they are welcome to stop in and see the work.

Artists must meet certain criteria and by submitting an “application” agree to the following:

-Artists must be local to Charlottesville or the surrounding area.

-Artists agree to donate a 20% commission to SSG for any works sold while on view at SSG. This helps us to cover the costs of the program and better promote your work!

-Artists must arrange for the delivery of the works to the gallery.

-Artists must schedule a time to meet with the gallery staff to install the works in the gallery. The artist will be primarily responsible for the installation of the work, however gallery staff will be happy to provide assistance.

-All works must arrive at the gallery “ready to install.” SSG is unable to frame artwork or provide D-ring or wires.

-Artists agree to give SSG final curatorial say on both the installation and the selection of works  (i.e. SSG staff may decide that there are too many works or that a work is too large to comfortably fit in the space). 

-Artists must provide photos of the works for inclusion on websites and social media.

-Artists must arrange a time to de-install and remove the works from the gallery before the first of the month (sooner if the 1st of the month falls on a Friday).

-Artists have the option to be present for the First Friday of the month that their work will be exhibited in the gallery. The artist will have the opportunity to host The Backroom @ SSG during the First Friday opening and show work to visiting guests.

Interested artists must submit the following to the gallery as part of the application process:

-Artist Statement

-Brief bio and/or CV

-Links to websites and social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). 

-Availability - please notify the gallery in your submission if there are any months that you are NOT able to exhibit. 

-Information on each work proposed for exhibition (Image, Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions, Price)

Completed applications should be sent via e-mail to info@secondstreetgallery.org with the subject line: Backroom @ SSG

Artists will be considered on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Only complete applications that follow application instructions will be considered. If an artist fails to provide a complete application, they will be notified and will have the opportunity to re-submit.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is a SHOWCASE opportunity for local artists that falls outside of the gallery's regular exhibition program. Second Street Gallery is unable to provide curatorial or financial support to artists displaying work in The Backroom @ SSG. There will be days and times that The Backroom @ SSG will be closed to the public (i.e. during closed meetings in the office, special events, etc.).  If you are interested in applying to Second Street Gallery’s regular exhibition program, please check back where new opportunities will be posted on this page in the future.

Thank you!