Sponsorship Opportunities

Become an Exhibition Sponsor

By sponsoring an individual exhibition, you are helping both the gallery (with shipping, travel, installation, and other costs), and the artist(s) and their career. You are also making a contribution to the arts and culture scene that makes this such a great place to live, visit, work and learn. You will receive recognition in the gallery and in exhibition and publicity materials (or you can remain anonymous, of course). You will also receive our undying love.

And remember, you can also get  together with other like-minded individuals to make a group sponsorship. 

Become an Outreach Sponsor

Outreach programs have been central to our mission for almost 40 years. Everything from hands-on workshops in the public schools, artists’ talks in the gallery, tours for school and other groups, public art projects, and our annual family art day. These programs are central to the gallery’s mission of …inspiring new ways of thinking, seeing and doing. They take us outside the ‘white walls’ of the gallery and open up opportunities for people of all ages to make art, understand art or be inspired by art. Contact Kristen Chiacchia to learn more about ways to support our outreach efforts.

Other Contributions

Gifts of all kinds are welcomed.  

There are some not-so-obvious ways of supporting the gallery and artists we exhibit; buying art helps the artists and we receive a commission, in-kind gifts can help in many ways (tools, time, materials, and so on), we even have an account to handle stock gifts!

Checks can be made out to:
Second Street Gallery
115 Second Street SE
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Contributions can be made on line via Square.