In-kind support is also vital to delivering our mission, and the general operational wellbeing of the gallery.

This support can take many forms, everything from donations of wine and food for First Friday openings, pro bono professional support (design, printing, IT, etc.), materials and labor for exhibitions, even hotel  rooms for visiting artists!

In the past we have received significant in-kind support from the following individuals and businesses:

A Pimento Catering
The Barbeque Exchange
Birch Studio
Blue Mountain Brewery
Everyday Gourmet
Devils Backbone Brewery
Hampton Inn and Suites
Harvest Moon Catering
Light House Studio
Live Arts
Will May
Old Metropolitan Hall
The Organic Butcher
Paradox Pastry
Sandy Motley Catering
Starr Hill Brewery
T&N Printing
Virginia Linens
Whole Foods Market