ROYGBIV Artists Announced

POSTED ON 11.24.2020

In June of 2021, seven artists will exhibit a unique work created in shades of only one color on the visual light spectrum for the exhibition ROYGBIV. We've now sent out all the secret color reveals - check out everyone's reactions on Instagram and follow each artist to see their progress!

RED: Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes is a surrealist painter and collage artist based in Charlottesville, exploring memory and unconscious behaviors.

ORANGE: MK Bailey is a painter based in Washington, D.C., creating unexpectedly colorful works about femininity, kinship, and death.

YELLOW: Aaron Eichorst, based in Charlottesville, creates intricate kaleidoscopic paintings in the tradition of the Grotesque, inspired by people, animals, plants, and architectural history.

GREEN: Heather Owens is an artist and illustrator based in Charlottesville whose imaginative works reflect her inner landscape, lush childhood fantasies, and inventive stories.

BLUE: Sarah Kahle is a watercolor painter based in Washington, D.C., creating work through the lesbian gaze to expand how we understand femininity, represent a diversity of womxn, and highlight the fluidity of LGBTQ+ sexuality.

INDIGO: Katie Aki Holloway is a gouache and mixed-media painter based in Virginia, inventing fantastical worlds rooted in real desires and challenging mainstream queer narratives in the media.

VIOLET: Sam Gray is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Richmond, examining themes of feminism, human relationships with nature, and the subconscious through a style she's dubbed as anthro-botanical surrealism.

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