Tina Curtis in Cville Weekly

POSTED ON 7.3.2019

Thank you to Erin O'Hare and Cville Weekly for highlighting Tina Curtis' solo exhibition, "Radiolaria & Reef", on view at SSG until July 19. Read the full story HERE.

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Radiolaria & Reef in The Scout Guide

POSTED ON 6.15.2019

Tina Curtis' solo exhibition "Radiolaria & Reef", on view now in the Dové Gallery at SSG, is mentioned as a 'must-see' in the Scout Guide this week. Read the full blurb HERE.

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Lady Painters in C-Ville Weekly

POSTED ON 6.13.2019

Thank you to Mary Shea Watson and C-Ville Weekly for the thoughtful article on the group exhibition, "Lady Painters: Inspired by Joan Mitchell". Read the full article HERE.

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Lady Painters in Virginia Living Magazine

POSTED ON 6.11.2019

Thank you to Sarah Sargent and Virginia Living Magazine for including Second Street Gallery's exhibition "Lady Painters" and Les Yeux du Monde Gallery's exhibition "Landscape Re-Imagined" in the newest June 2019 issue. Click HERE to read more about the connections between these two shows, and the influence Joan Mitchell has had on the careers of women artists in Charlottesville and beyond. 

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