Contested Bodies featured in C-Ville Weekly

POSTED ON 12.21.2016

Check out the feature about "contested bodies" in C-Ville Weekly 
Published 21 December 2016

Photo by Jesús Pino

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POSTED ON 10.11.2016

Sonya Clark's "Bitter, Sweet and Tender" is on display at SSG through October 20, 2016. In a new body of work comprised of photography, currency, sculpture and textiles that engage auto-ethnographical research on Clark’s various lineages, this Richmond-based artist examines social, practical and existential concerns ranging from how sugarcane is produced and consumed to how value is assigned to human life. Read an article about her work and the exhibition at Cville Weekly

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SSG Artist Liz Rodda Profile in C-Ville Weekly

POSTED ON 2.22.2016

Liz Rodda's work uses collage as a strategy to tease out relationships between materials and ideas that are seemingly at odds with one another. Her show Two Kinds of Luck is on display at SSG through February 2016. Read an article about her show and work at Cville Weekly.

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SSG featured on PBS’s Charlottesville Inside-Out

POSTED ON 2.4.2016

Thanks to Terri Allard and WHTJ's "charlottesville Inside-Out" for the great profile of SSG. Watch it online here.

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