Bond/Bound in The Scout Guide

POSTED ON 4.17.2020

Thank you to The Scout Guide Charlottesville for featuring our online exhibition, Bond/Bound. Read the full blurb HERE.

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SSG Digital Initiatives in The Daily Progress

POSTED ON 4.7.2020

Thank you to The Daily Progress for highlighting our digital initiatives in response to the COVID-19 shutdown, April, 2020. Read the full blurb HERE.

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C-Ville Weekly Pick: Second Street Sketches

POSTED ON 4.1.2020

Thank you to C-Ville Weekly for featuring our digital initiatives as this week's Pick. Read the full writeup HERE.

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Aboriginal Art in C-Ville Weekly

POSTED ON 2.4.2020

Read more about our exhibition "By The Strength of Their Skin" and related exhibitions of Aboriginal art in Charlottesville HERE. Thank you to C-Ville Weekly and Erin O'Hare for the feature!

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