2013 Family Art Day

POSTED ON 7.12.2013

We had a fantastic Family Art Day on June 1st this year, with over 200 people in attendance and huge fun. Special thanks to our sponsors, L.E.A.W. Family Foundation, Whole Foods Market, and Virginia Diodes, Inc, and all the local artists who helped on the day including Mara Sprafkin, Suzanne Tanner Chitwood, Warren Craghead, Aaron Eichorst, and Dimitri Salonikios. 

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What’s Going on in Charlottesville:  Clay Witt

POSTED ON 4.11.2013

Latest episode of 'What's going on in Charlottesville' features Second Street Gallery and the artist Clay Witt. These programs are shot, edited and produced by Light House Studio students. Wednesday, 6pm, on the community access channel (13).

Daniel Canogar: Reboot

POSTED ON 3.3.2012

Mar 3 - 31, 2012

Press Release:
Second Street Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Daniel Canogar.

Spanish artist Daniel Canogar, will be transforming Second Street Gallery for the month of March. Using Elements of disposable technology, his works combine light, video, and sound for a transformative and interactive viewing experience. These animated sculptures are comprised of discarded electronic materials such as computer cables and DVDs. The electronic debris comes together to form large-scale installations that stimulate all senses. Inspired by cluttered dumpsters and excessive consumerism, Canogar attempts to revive the energy stored in these technologies by instilling beauty into the objects that are not only in our daily life, but also relatively short-lived in the age of technology. Overwhelming in their visual capacity, the installations provide a littered collective memory and present a portrait of our society in this particular age.

Daniel Canogar is based in Madrid, Spain. He earned a M.A. in Photography from NYU and the International Center for Photography, and a B.A. from Complutense University of Madrid. He has exhibited throughout Europe as well as the United States, and is represented by bitforms gallery in New York City.

Exhibition is curated by Rebecca Young Schoenthal.

Video courtesy of the artist and Second Street Gallery. Videography by Billy Hunt.

To learn more about Canogar's work, please visit:

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