Inside the Artis’s Studio in Daily Progress

POSTED ON 2.5.2019

Thank you Jane Dunlap Sathe and Daily Progress for the wonderful article on our Inside the Artisit's Studio exhibition. 

Read the full article HERE. 

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John Grant’s Attraction in C-Ville Weekly

POSTED ON 12.21.2018

Thank you, Erin O'Hare and C-VILLE Weekly for the amazing full page write up of John Grant's exhibition at Second Street Gallery.

Read the article HERE.

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Ways of Seeing and Navigation Series featured in C-ville Weekly

POSTED ON 4.19.2017

C-ville Weekly featured both Stacey Evans' and Alonzo Davis' work in this article: "Two exhibitions connect through travel at SSG"

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Nikolai M. Noel and Matthew P. Shelton on Home Grown

POSTED ON 1.6.2017

Listen to Noel and Shelton discuss the exhibition contested bodies on WPVC's Home Grown
Starting at 37:15

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