Live Embroidered Portraits with Michael-Birch Pierce

POSTED ON 11.30.2020

Michael-Birch Pierce's embroidered portrait practice was born from a desire to find authenticity in machine production. Guiding fabric by hand under a standard home sewing machine, each portrait is one of a kind, stitched live, with the subject watching. Merging fashion and illustration, Michael-Birch Pierce's free-motion embroidered portraiture has garnered them international recognition. Michael-Birch Pierce is sought everywhere from Art Basel to the 2018 Oscar Party. They have designed for the Obamas, exhibited at NY Fashion Week, and received numerous prizes. And on Sunday, December 13th they will be at Second Street Gallery!

Pricing is $100 per portrait. You will be limited to a single portrait (5 x 7 inches) per session. If multiple people in your party want a portrait, each individual must sign up for their own time slot.

No sketching or planning: portraits are done in 3-5 minutes with one continuous line of thread in a single color.

Pet portraits are available: bring a photo of your pet (no animals in person!) to get a custom pet portrait.

Babies too: if you are bringing a baby in for a custom portrait, it is recommended that you also bring a photograph with you.

This event will be held on Sunday, December 13th when the gallery is closed to the public. Only ticket holders will be permitted in the gallery during the event. Attendees will be asked to wear a mask at all times while in the gallery except when they are getting their portrait done. Social distancing and safety measures will be in place.

Questions? Need more info? Contact Second Street Gallery at 434-977-7284 or

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