Create & Critique: Laura Wooten

POSTED ON 12.22.2020

Session 1: January 13, 4pm

Session 2: January 20, 4pm

Join us for a two-part virtual workshop led by exhibiting artist Laura Wooten! Wooten's solo exhibition View From The Ridge illustrates the changing seasons of Virginia’s landscape and human connection to the land. Wooten painted over 90 small works for the show, inspired by the daily walks she and her dog took to the same spot every day for a year. Laura Wooten earned her undergraduate degree in Art and Architecture at the University of Virginia and continued at UVA as an Aunspaugh Post-Baccalaureate Fellow in Studio Art. She went on to receive her MFA from American University. Her landscape paintings have been exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware.

Learn how light & color create a mood, explore observation & memory, and find inspiration in your daily experience. RSVP required to $10/$7 members payable online HERE.

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ROYGBIV Artists Announced

POSTED ON 11.24.2020

In June of 2021, seven artists will exhibit a unique work created in shades of only one color on the visual light spectrum for the exhibition ROYGBIV. We've now sent out all the secret color reveals - check out everyone's reactions on Instagram and follow each artist to see their progress!

RED: Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes is a surrealist painter and collage artist based in Charlottesville, exploring memory and unconscious behaviors.

ORANGE: MK Bailey is a painter based in Washington, D.C., creating unexpectedly colorful works about femininity, kinship, and death.

YELLOW: Aaron Eichorst, based in Charlottesville, creates intricate kaleidoscopic paintings in the tradition of the Grotesque, inspired by people, animals, plants, and architectural history.

GREEN: Heather Owens is an artist and illustrator based in Charlottesville whose imaginative works reflect her inner landscape, lush childhood fantasies, and inventive stories.

BLUE: Sarah Kahle is a watercolor painter based in Washington, D.C., creating work through the lesbian gaze to expand how we understand femininity, represent a diversity of womxn, and highlight the fluidity of LGBTQ+ sexuality.

INDIGO: Katie Aki Holloway is a gouache and mixed-media painter based in Virginia, inventing fantastical worlds rooted in real desires and challenging mainstream queer narratives in the media.

VIOLET: Sam Gray is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer based in Richmond, examining themes of feminism, human relationships with nature, and the subconscious through a style she's dubbed as anthro-botanical surrealism.

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Gallery Rally Postponed

POSTED ON 11.23.2020

Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, Second Street Gallery has decided to postpone this year’s Gallery Rally live drawing party until Spring 2021. Stay tuned for more updates and information in early 2021!

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Bearing Witness: Artist Talk

POSTED ON 10.15.2020

Missed the live Artist Talk? Watch the conversation on Youtube HERE.

Listen to "Bearing Witness" exhibiting artists Ezé Amos, Ty Hilton, Marley Nichelle, Derrick J. Waller, and Sandy Williams IV in conversation with Dr. Andrea Douglas, Executive Director of the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. In solidarity with the ongoing and urgent Black Lives Matter movement, the exhibition "Bearing Witness" captures moments of collective action and mourns the excessive violence against Black people in America. The title Bearing Witness reflects on Maya Angelou’s statement that “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Each photographer tells their story and the stories of those fighting for justice through a unique lens, style, and perspective. Working simultaneously as fine art and journalism, the photographs bear witness to both trauma and joy, to the fight against police brutality and systemic racism, and to the persistent struggle to remove Confederate symbols in Charlottesville and Richmond, VA.

All work on view in the exhibition will be available for purchase with proceeds benefiting the individual artists. Second Street Gallery will not be taking a commission on sales. Protest signs by the Black Youth Action Committee are displayed accompanying the exhibition. Bearing Witness will also include an interactive element, in-person and online, inviting the community to process their thoughts in writing, created by Destinee Wright, artist, advocate, and creator of the Solidarity Cards Project. 

Second Street Gallery stands against institutional and systemic racism, white supremacy, and the power structures that protect and support them. Second Street Gallery recognizes that the arts alone can’t solve these problems, but we also believe that art can speak truth to power and help navigate paths forward.

This exhibition is made possible in part by The FUNd at CACF.

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