This (un)Familiar Space: Virtual Workshop with Stacey Evans

POSTED ON 5.4.2020

Join SSG and exhibiting artist Stacey Evans for a three-part virtual workshop inspired by This Familiar Space. The workshops will take place May 13, May 20, and May 27 from 4-4:30pm. RSVP (required) to (We recommend participants attend all three sessions, but it is not required). Participants will receive a Zoom link prior to the start of each workshop.

NOTE: We are currently on a waitlist. Please send us an email with your interest and we will keep you updated.

This workshop is about allowing things to break apart, and how we bring them back together. We'll make collages based on landscape, interior rooms, and a place you've never experienced. For most of us, we have been in our homes for many consecutive days - these rooms are familiar to us, but the circumstances are new. Now is a creative opportunity to blend the familiar with the unfamiliar.

Stacey works in collage because she "likes to see change". She says: "I started ripping paper when I was sent to my room as a child. It was a way to release my frustration while I processed why I was in trouble. This simple action I intuitively picked up still provides a place for me to reflect and wonder."

Throughout three ZOOM sessions, Stacey will share her project, materials, and process. You will have access to her photographs for digital or print use. Everyone's process can and should vary because we are all different!

Ages 14+.

1) Photographs (printed, magazine pages, etc.)
2) Mounting paper (this could be any thick paper, cardstock, or recycled cardboard)
3) Scissors or hands for cutting or tearing
4) Glue or tape
5) Camera or smartphone camera

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