Teeny Tiny Trifecta 2: First Friday Opening Reception

POSTED ON 8.14.2019

Join Second Street Gallery for the highly anticipated opening of Teeny Tiny Trifecta 2. This juried group show will kick off the Gallery’s 46th season. The exhibition will open to the public at 5:30pm on Friday, September 6th and will remain on view through September 27, 2019 in the Dové Gallery.

The show will consist of a collection of three works of art, all measuring 9 inches or smaller, from a carefully curated selection of artists. Inspired by both Cabinets of Curiosities as well as the Paris Salons of the 19th Century, but with a modern twist, the exhibition aims to showcase the wide range of talented artists in Virginia (and beyond!) while providing an accessible introduction to contemporary art collecting. All work will be priced at $100, so this is a great opportunity for collectors of all budgets to collect a work of art by some of their favorite artists.

Exhibiting artists include:

Candice Agnello, Carol H. Barber, Peter Benedetti, Sally Cary Booker, Anna Bryant, Erika Chu, Sahara Clemons, Terry M. Coffey, Courtney Coker, Jessie Coles, Colleen Conner, Kay Vass Darling, Delna Dastur, Adrienne Allyn Dent, Lindsay Heider Diamond, Holly Draper, Lizzie Dudley, Zoé Edgecomb, Sigrid Eilertson, Jan Elmore, Brittany Fan, Michelle Gagliano, Lara Call Gastinger, Camille Gerrick, Jane Goodman, Lauren Gordon, Juan Manuel Granados, Sam Gray, Virginia Greene, Cassie Guy, Lou Haney, Robin Harris, Steve Haske, Lotta Helleberg, Caleb Hendrickson, James Kendall Higgins, Courtney Hopkins, Ken Horne, Brian C. Jones, Lev Keatts, Bussie Parker Kehoe, Jill Kerttula, Blythe King, Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras, Natasha Kovacs + Lindsay Parnell, Conni LeFon, Alexa Luna, Logan MacKethan, Ramona Martinez, Charlotte McCoy McAdams, Tim Michel, Theodora Miller, Joanna Mullen, Tobiah Mundt, Ken Nadle, Susan Haley Northington, Akemi Ohira, Cary Oliva, Heather Owens, Samantha Pagni, Charles W. Peale, Meg Perdue, Lori Pinkey, Ann Ray, Jeannine Barton Regan, Madeleine Rhondeau-Rhodes, Lisa A. Ryan, Joe Sheridan, Andrew Sherogan, Karen Siegrist, Laura Josephine Snyder, Paige Speight, Suzanne Tanner Tanner, Hannah ThomasClarke, Krista Townsend, Kelley Van Dilla, Becky Venteicher, Nancy Wallace, Kathleen Westkaemper, Priscilla Long Whitlock, Clay Witt, Kristie Edwards Wood, Laura Wooten, Christen Yates, Sarah Boyts Yoder, Cate West Zahl

This exhibition is made possible in part by our generous sponsor:
Gardy Bloemers, Vice President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

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