Silhouette Portrait Event

POSTED ON 12.3.2013

Please join us for a Silhouette Portrait workshop with photographers Ron Evans and Margo L. Hamilton on Saturday, December 14th from 10am-6pm at their studio in the McGuffey Art Center.

A lost art form of portraiture, the silhouette takes its name from the Frenchman Etienne de Silhouettte, who cut silhouettes during the mid 1700's. This was targeted to those who could not afford a full painted portrait. At that time they were referred to as 'shades.' With the invention of the camera in the early 1800's, silhouette portraiture faded. Photographers Margo L. Hamilton and Ron Evans specialize in silhouettes using the very thing that helped cause its demise...the camera. The beautiful image will be printed using archival pigment ink and paper which will last a lifetime.

These portraits make excellent holiday gifts, especially for family members and loved ones. Any number of people can be featured in the photograph, and you will receive two 5x7 inch prints for $50. This is half the usual price, and 50% goes to Second Street Gallery as part of the fundraiser. You may pick up your silhouette portraits either at McGuffey or SSG the week following the event.

Hope to see you there! Please sign up in advance by e-mailing or calling the gallery at 434-977-7284 to reserve your space.

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