Recent Outreach with Avery Lawrence

POSTED ON 7.15.2014

Visiting exhibition artist, Avery Lawrence recently led some fun outreach workshops with the Southwood Boys and Girls Club and the Reflections Summer Regional Governor's School. Part of Avery's exhibit included a performance piece; dressed in an inflatable polar bear costume, Avery visited the Boys and Girls Club and led follow-the-leader and Q&A sessions. The Reflections Summer Regional Governor's School visited Second Street Gallery and explored the 'can't shake it' exhibit. The students skyped with Avery on a gallery wall and he led a presentation on creating gifs. The students then went to the Freedom of Speech Wall and created animated gifs of their own. Thank you to Avery and to our outreach sponsors! Check out the student's gifs here and some other images from the outreach sessions below.

image gallery