SSG hosts Charlottesville soup

POSTED ON 6.13.2016

Second Street Gallerey was proud to host Charlottesville SOUP, a crowd-funded public dinner series to support creative projects and artists here in our community. SOUP is a program of New City Arts - more info on the event and the program here.

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SSG Artist Interview - Kevin Davis for SEE HEAR

POSTED ON 6.13.2016

As a part of SSG’s SEE HEAR experimental music series, we’re happy to showcase the work of Kevin Davis. He is an improviser, composer, and cellist with experience playing and composing across a wide spectrum of contemporary music, including collaborative projects with musicians in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Davis is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia and holds degrees in music composition from the University of Memphis and the Centre for Advanced Musical Studies in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been especially dedicated to free improvisation projects in group and duo ensembles. More at

Can you tell us about your music and what we are likely hear at SEE HEAR?
At SEE HEAR I will be playing pieces for solo cello from a collection called Codex on the Flight of Birds. In these pieces I am interested in expanding the acoustic sound world of the cello, exploring the technical and conceptual boundaries of the instrument. Though it is mostly acoustic and relatively quiet, it is very influenced by the sounds of electronic music, especially noise and drone music.The music often explores timbre, resonance, and subtle coloristic shifts. Some examples can be found at

What musicians and styles of music have influenced you?
Many many. Of the top of my head: Charlemagne Palestine, Evan Parker, John Coltrane, Elaine Radigue, Helmut Lachenmann, Roscoe Holcomb, Alvin Lucier, Morton Feldman; free improvisation, noise, jazz and free jazz, Baroque music, hymns, classic rock, musique concrète, early electronic music.

Where can we hear more of your work?

Davis’ performance at SEE HEAR is at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 28 at Second Street Gallery. 
Thank you.

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April SSG artists work with students at the Blue Ridge Detention Center

POSTED ON 5.20.2016

As part of SSG's April exhibitionICU Arts leader Stash Maleski gave a presentation to the students about the history of graffiti starting as a letter-based artform to abstract and figurative works, and about the work of ICU Art to preserve graffiti walls in Belmont and Venice Beach. Artists Tazroc and Asylm talked with the students about how they became street artists and the transition from illegal to legal street art, by getting permission from landowners to paint murals on their property, and to now getting paid to do murals, as well as how they have traveled to Dubai and Paris because of their art. Each student was given a black sketchbook and different types of lettering. Each student worked on making their own letter-based works.

SSG's outreach projects are supported by Bama Works Fund and the LEAW Family Foundation.

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SSG Artist Designs City Bus

POSTED ON 5.9.2016

As part of SSG's April/May exhibition of ICU art, artist SWANK designed a city bus - look for it driving around Charlottesville all year!

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