SEE HEAR with Restroy and Rick Parker & Li Daiguo

POSTED ON 9.12.2016

Local sound artists Restoy joined Rick Parker & Li Daiguo for SSG's August SEE HEAR event:


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SSG Activity Book for July 2016

POSTED ON 9.12.2016

Check out (and download) our July activity book based on the work of exhibiting artists Kate Daughdrill and Patrick Costello:

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SSG Artist Podcast - KAte Daughdrill

POSTED ON 9.12.2016

Listen to a podcast interview with July 2016 exhibiting artist Kate Daughdrill:


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Studio south Zero Artist Residencies

POSTED ON 9.12.2016

As part of Torkwase Dyson's June exhibition at SSG, her "Studio South Zero" project was used by local artists. "SSZ" is a solar-powered, mobile artist studio on wheels, meant to bring artists and art-making into new and unusual places and environments. A HUGE thanks to Martin Horn, Inc. for their donation of time, materials and expertise to help make the SSZ work.

Katie Wood spent 24-hours in the SSZ, making 24 drawings during that time. You can see her whole project here.


Ryan Trott worked making large drawings in the SSZ - see some of his project here.


Musician Ryan Maguire made a piece from sounds taken from the SSZ! You can listen to it here:



Artist Jenny Campbell made drawings and dolls in the SSZ.


When the SSZ was parked at charlottesville High School, summer art high school students from tthe Governor's School used it as a studio to make work.


Follow the SSZ as it continues to be used by all kinds of artists and creative people by following Torkwase Dyson on instagram

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