What's Been

Expecting Reality

Matthew Gamber, Meggan Gould, John Lehr, Chris Meerdo, Justin James Reed, Bill Sullivan

3.7.2014 TO 3.29.2014


Susan Jamison, Tif Robinette, Sharon Shapiro

2.7.2014 TO 3.1.2014

Still Waters Run Deep

Genesis Chapman

12.6.2013 TO 2.1.2014

When You Were Here Before

Julian Forrest

12.6.2013 TO 2.1.2014

Tar Creek

Lydia Moyer

11.1.2013 TO 11.30.2013

Virginia Film Festival Digital Media Gallery

UVA Cinematography Students, Kevin Everson, Light House Studio

11.1.2013 TO 11.30.2013

Supercluster Arion and other Phenomena

DM Witman

10.4.2013 TO 10.26.2013


Hong Seon Jang

9.6.2013 TO 10.26.2013

A Common Place

Caroline Allison

9.6.2013 TO 9.28.2013