Scott Marzano

October 6, 2017 – October 26, 2017

​On Friday, October 6th, Second Street debuts their second exhibition at The Backroom @SSG with the art of Scott Marzano

Beginning with Season 44, Second Street Gallery will launch a new program to give local artists additional opportunities to showcase their work in the gallery.

Each month, Second Street Gallery will spotlight a different artist in The Backroom @SSG. Executive Director and Chief Curator Kristen Chiacchia brings the New York City art world practice of exhibiting art in a carefully curated back room to Charlottesville.


These images that I have painted are a celebration of my sorrow; an exodus of inner demons and a raw display of the often private and hidden compartments of my psyche. Art for me is therapeutic, self-healing, and a reflection on the spirit of times in my life. While sadness and sorrow may not often be associated with beauty, I wish to challenge that. By staining the dark thoughts that plague me into imagery, I can share unfiltered and honest emotions with my audience; emotions being the natural instinctive states of mind from circumstances, moods, or relationships to others (or yourself). Emotions are what make us human, what make us feel, what help us relate to others, what make us love and feel loved, what make us want to live, and what make us want to die. Whether happy, sad, or perhaps even a little disturbing I feel that there is beauty in all of them. 

- J. Scott Marzano, 2017