The Backroom @SSG: Aaron Eichorst

Aaron Eichorst

January 2, 2018 – February 23, 2018

Second Street Gallery welcomes Aaron Eichorst to The Backroom @SSG. Aaron Eichorst will be on view January 2 - February 23.


January 2 – February 23, 2018

​On Tuesday, January 2nd, Second Street debuts their fourth exhibition at The Backroom @SSG with the art of Aaron Eichorst.


This series represents the attitudes and temperaments that I have nurtured over a five-year period. They are meditations on qualities that I hope to engender. i.e. Authenticity, Confidence, Competency, Fortitude, Prescience, Self-Reliance, etc. I often liken my approach to making art to that of a yoga practice. I attend to it regularly. Each experience is unique and focused on honing skills such as pushing visual and symbolic ideas or balancing color.

The pieces in this series are inspired by the ornamental style known as Grotesque -- a scheme of interlaced garlands and fantastic human/animal figures which were intended to ward off evils.  The style derives its name from ancient Roman palace walls that were discovered centuries later buried underground in “grottoes” and has become widely used in Western decorative art.Each piece features a central hand-painted depiction of a person or animal. I hope to engage the viewer and bring life to this ancient art form while engendering delight and an appreciation for the centuries-old work of artists before me. The pieces are a mixture of photography, computer manipulation, tempera and acrylic painting on paper.  

-Aaron Eichorst

This season Second Street Gallery launched a new program to give local artists additional opportunities to showcase their work in the gallery.

Each month, Second Street Gallery will spotlight a different artist in The Backroom @SSG. Executive Director and Chief Curator Kristen Chiacchia brings the New York City art world practice of exhibiting art in a carefully curated back room to Charlottesville.