Susan Bacik: Constructed Meditations, 1990-2015

Susan Bacik

March 3, 2015 – March 28, 2015

Constructed Meditations features a 25 year retrospective of works by local artist, Susan Bacik.

These works are meditations on our human condition of constant change. The found object scupltures explore stages of change, working with the qualities of transparenct and opacity, and the inherent poetry of objects, which take on new meanings and emotional resonances when placed in unexpected relationships.  

The smoke used un several pieces is the remnant of a process: one form of matter has been converted, by burning, into a new form. Susan Bacik uses the smoke to suggest other transformations, conversions, destructions and renewals, from the imperceptible cellular level to the dramas of great life events. The smoke is sheer, evoking a "seeing-through," or seeing beyond our immediate experience. But it is also a veil, a metaphor for the difficulty of gaining that transcendence. 

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The exhibition will also appear at Les Yeux Du Monde from March 13th to April 26th.