Places Placed


September 7, 2012 – October 27, 2012

​The artistic duo of Brody Reiman and Charlie Castaneda present room-sized installations built entirely from household construction materials. Whether piled on floors, spread across walls, or presented as wall-mounted "paintings," their category-resistant installations suggest both interior and exterior space. Conceptually motivated by an interest in answering the question of what it means to hang a landscape over mantelpiece, the artists investigate the query from all angles, from the physical make up of the mantel itself, to the historical and social implications of landscape painting. Starting with thrift-store low brow found images, castaneda/reiman are keenly aware of how historic depictions of the American landscape once served political and business needs; their real interest may in fact lie even beyond this initial examination, attempting to turn their store-bought derivatives into something else entirely. They have a huge collection of such works, and they deploy it in seemingly endless permutations.

Charlie Castaneda and Brody Reiman met while studying sculpture and photography at Carnegie Mellon University. They both went on to receive MFAs in Visual Arts from the University of California, Davis. Reiman now teaches sculpture at the University of California, Berkley and Castaneda is a visiting artist at the San Francisco Art Institute. castaneda/reiman is represented by the Eli Ridgway Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

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