Will Machin

October 7, 2011 – October 29, 2011

Will Machin examines the machine within the natural world, using found and reclaimed elements from tires to twigs in this large, mixed media animated projection.

Juxtaposing a vast array of materials including objects from nature like branches and stone with manmade
objects like projectors and television glass, Will Machin’s sculptures depict the tension between the
organic and the manufactured. His use of oppositional materials reveals a postmodern take on the ageold
concept of the machine within the natural world, as the materials become unrecognisable and thus
revert to their objectivity. Machin’s work resides in a contemporary periphery wherein man-made objects
are discarded, then reclaimed by nature. His large, animated sculptures foster human interaction,
reinforcing the connection between the natural and the industrial materials. Acting as primitive totems
for the modern man, Machin’s work effectively conjures a wasteland of wastefulness and repossession.

Will Machin received his BFA from Brown University in 2000. He recently received his MFA from Virginia
Commonwealth University.

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