Internal Logic

Jeff Eisenberg

October 3, 2008 – November 1, 2008

San Francisco–based artist Jeff Eisenberg explores landscape, architecture, engineered reality, and the built environment in his meticulously hand drawn and painted works on Mylar.

Eisenberg’s paintings and drawings examine engineered reality and the built environment. He begins his unique process with the written word, using free association to reveal unseen internal and external exchanges between people and their environment. This approach allows Eisenberg to develop the relationships and imagery that form the foundation of his work.

The resulting images are digitally modeled and then meticulously hand drawn onto multiple layers of Mylar. Eisenberg says that creating his images in this manner “becomes an absurd and playful way to depict a universe of collapsing subjects and objects…[and] to actively engineer new worlds from these colliding and congealing realities.”

Jeff Eisenberg currently teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute, where he received an MFA in painting. He has had a number of solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. and his work is found in several collections.

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