Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann

April 6, 2012 – May 26, 2012

The equine portraits in this exhibition present the horse in a singular and almost clinical manner, with faces cropped against a stark black background. They are visually arresting and technically exceptional. Humanized, then fetishized, the equine subjects of the works are stripped of all naturalness and physicality. Geissler/Sann approach the subject with Kantian intent, presenting the aesthetically singular as a means to accessing universality. This is an exceptional challenge given the myriad associations of the animal-- historical, cultural and symbolic. The success of these pictures lies in their ability to lift those associations from our minds for a brief moment in which the viewer may enjoy a completely aesthetic experience, while not letting go of the long and distinguished legacy of the animal within our global culture.

Geissler/Sann have recently shown at the Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin, Sharjah University City, Sharja, United Arab Emirates and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA. They live and work in Chicago.

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Exhibition Sponsors

Sponsored by Gardy Bloemers and Nick Duke.