Happily Ever After

Marko Maetamm

October 2, 2009 – October 31, 2009

In a series of fictional mise-en-scènes, during which conflicts and familial dramas escalate towards cataclysmic acts, Mäetamm tells us the stories that are happening behind the closed doors and pulled curtains of that most intimate territory called home.

Relaying the petty moments of daily life with a dark humor, Mäetamm portrays the family as a little society, exploring the ways in which “big society” manipulates the family dynamic through the macrocosms of economy, consumerism, and quality-of-life standards. Inspired by his own life and the recurring feeling that he might very well be “absolutely incapable of maintaining” his own existence, these works explores the blurry area between feeling that “things are under my control” and “I only think things are under my control.”

Marko Mäetamm lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. He has exhibited throughout Europe and his work was included in the Venice Biennial in 2007.

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