Georgianne Stinnett

October 2, 2009 – October 31, 2009

Georgianne Stinnett’s images are at once beguiling and confrontational. They invite you closer to discover what exactly you are seeing and how a color image can read as black and white. Simultaneously, they push you away with their sheer size and graphic tenor.

What is in fact pictured are taxidermist’s armatures, the forms that are placed inside animal skins during the drying and shaping process. Thus they are rudimentary and partially formed shapes, sometimes clearly conforming to the recognizable contours of a specific animal, at other times reading as unrecognizable abstract forms.

Georgianne Stinnett holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She is the recipient of the Theresa Pollak Award for Photography, and was a finalist for the Trawick Prize in 2006.

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