Eyal Danielie, Naomi Falk, Mona Hatoum, Tim Hetherington, Richard Kraft, Eric Parnes, Steven Rubin, Mary Schepisi, Suara Welitoff

February 5, 2010 – March 27, 2010

In recent years the escalating crises in the Middle East, in addition to ongoing conflicts in other parts of the world, have provided daily headlines whose imagery has been fodder for innumerable artistic investigations in all media.

This exhibition speaks to both the recent fascination with current conflicts as source material for art making, but also recognizes the ways in which, for artists working today, the imagery of war has been present and pervasive throughout their entire lives. The best of this work is rarely didactic; it is more often wry, opaque, and even poetic in its presentation of the contemporary international conflict.

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