March 4, 2016 – March 25, 2016

​Chrissy Baucom
Vestiges and Relics

Heather Harvey
Periodicities in Chaotic Forcing

Kortney Niewierski
​Pretty on the Inside

Chrissy Baucom sees her role as a painter as “part historian and part archeologist.”
She works from found images of living and dead organic matter, repeatedly
rendering their forms to find her connections to them. 

Heather Harvey creates work by reusing trash and discarded objects she finds in
the street. She states “I stay alert for unassuming but compelling artifacts
inadvertently discarded by people, and altered by weather, traffic, time, and
other incidental forces.The process is akin to urban beach combing.” 

Kortney Niewierski works to create a sense of comfort and discomfort in
viewers. She mixes comforting images and objects with adult and
self-evaluative humor. 

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Women for Art Exhibition Fund

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