A Golden State: four artists from Los Angeles

Asylm, Defer, Swank, Tazroc - from In Creative Unity

April 1, 2016 – May 14, 2016

ICU Art is a Los Angeles based arts organization that has been producing graffiti art murals and exhibitions since it’s founding by Stash Maleski in 1993. ICU Art services markets across the country with a national network of walls and highly skilled artists. The following artists are featured:

Paul Nandee (SWANK)’s signature style is identified by distinctive lettering and character creations constructed using cubist angles.

ASYLM, not interested in the existential scrawls of illegal tagging, focuses on murals, specific figures and characters that depict intersections of nature, beauty, spirituality and the urban environment.

Alex Kizu (DEFER) is an artist influenced by the lettering styles of L.A.’s infamous gang-graffiti culture. In his recent works, he obliterates the structured letter-form, and transcends into a “spiritual language” made of automatic and spontaneous brush strokes that convey subconscious messages.

Brian Garcia (TAZROC)'s aesthetic merges seamlessly with the pervasive L.A. street art such as Chicano low-rider art, skateboarding and surfing, BMX bike culture, tattoo art
and B-boying.

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Sponsored in part by Monolith Studio Knives.