3rd Annual Gallery Rally

December 9, 2017 – December 9, 2017

Join us on Saturday, December 9 for our third annual GALLERY RALLY, an incredible live drawing party and fundraiser event where local and visiting artists work side by side.

As spectators watch the creative process, sketches become artworks – immediately available for just $50 apiece. Tickets are $5 for member, and $10 at the door (under 12 free). Proceeds from the event provide direct support for SSG’s exhibition and outreach programs. 

ONLINE TICKET PURCHASING CLOSED - please purchase tickets at the door.

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>>> Participating Artists >>>

Bolanle adeboye

Bolanle Adeboye is a designer/maker determined to find and appreciate the exquisite in the mundane. She is very often stunned by beauty lurking in the most unlikely places. She lives and works in Charlottesville.








Peter Benedetti

Peter Benedetti is a multimediaartist with a Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He does digital illustration and abstract expressionist style painting and has exhibited his work in both New York and Seattle. He has cultivated his own experimental style by using traditional materials as well as found objects and various forms of collage. He is an artist who is always looking for new ways to reinvent himself.

IG: peterbenedetti


Warren Craghead III

Warren Craghead III lives in Charlottesville with his wife and two daughters. He likes to draw all the time and make pictures and books and has exhibited his work internationally.











Tina Curtis is six credits shy of a BFA in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art. When she isn’t wrangling her toddlers she is a mixed media abstract artist. You can find her work @gallery.pomona on Instagram. Images of her works have been featured both in print and online. She has had gallery showings in Chicago and New York. In addition to her Sea Change Series, Tina is also currently accepting commissioned proposals.   

INSTAGRAM: @gallery.pomona 




Chris Danger

Chris Danger is an illustrator and animator from the small town of Wahiawa, Hawaii. He has animated for shows on Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel. He currently resides in Richmond, Virginia and creates artwork for magazines and children's books.

www.chrisdanger.comIG: chrisdangerdraws




Shawn Decker

Shawn Decker is a local musician (Synthetic Division), author (My Pet Virus) and writer for POZ Magazine. An HIV educator that uses humor in sharing his own experiences living with HIV since childhood, Shawn hopes to destigmatize the epidemic one joke at a time. Though he hasn't drawn regularly since the 8th Gra

de, Shawn is excited to participate in the Gallery Rally. 

FB: syntheticdivisionmusic







Kaki Dimock

Kaki Dimock likes to draw. Mostly animals. Treacherous and sweet. She also serves as the city’s director of human services.






Aaron Eichorst

Aaron Eichorst is an artist and an educator living in Charlottesville VA. Currently Aaron serves as the Coordinator of Fine & Performing Arts for Charlottesville City Schools and administers the school division’s ArtQuest program as well as directing Reflections: The Central Virginia Summer Regional Governor’s School. Aaron is a SSG board member and an associate member at McGuffey Art Center.

IG: aeichorst



Stacey Evans

Stacey grew up in Waynesboro, Virginia; a small town made diverse by its variety and combination of different landscapes – rural, urban, industrial and suburban – all within a 10 mile radius. Over the years, she have worked to translate her formative visual experiences and demonstrate the role landscapes play within culture. She is interested in how people occupy, shape and transform the land for use; how our experiences and feelings change over time and what we can read into the collective artifacts left behind.

IG: staceyevansphotos




Eileen French

I am  a painter who enjoys finding inspiration in Social Media; anything from a late night party pic to a selfie fascinate me.  I enjoy using these images to paint from because they portray the subjects in a wonderfully candid and self illuminating way.








Nathaniel Galea

Nathaniel Galea is an adult male who has triumphed from the swamp through evolution biological and spiritual and artistic. Although not an original native of VA, he has been here and there since a wee lass, and has also lived on western coasts and distant lands and in between absorbing things and revelling and

secluding in turns. He has played, sculpted, painted, photographed, blown glass, and performed intermittently throughout the years. when he is not teaching or building someone something. I think he prefers c

ollaborative art creating to solo exploits for their unintended genius and simply for the motivation and peer force.





Sam Gray

Sam Gray is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from northern Virginia, educated in graphic design and Japanese at the University of Georgia. Although currently living in the beautiful countryside of Afton, she is an artist in McGuffey Art Center's Incubator Studio and finds it well worth the commute. 

IG: samseegray









Lou Haney

Lou Haney has had solo exhibitions in California, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia in addition to over 60 group exhibitions. She moved to Charlottesville with her family in 2014 and currently teaches at PVCC and JMU.

IG: lou_haney



Kirsten Hemrich

Kirsten Hemrich is mixed media artist and poet based in 

Charlottesville, Virginia.

IG: kirsten_hemrich






Paul Hostetler

Paul Hostetler is an illustrator, painter, and cartoonist out of Maryland. He currently lives in Charlottesville with his fiance, a cat, a ficus, and far too many books and can usually be found in coffee shops or his studio in the McGuffey incubator space.

IG: phostetlerart
Twitter: https://twitter.com/phostetlerart
Blog: www.phosart.blogspot.com


Chicho Lorenzo

Self taught, I spent my whole life painting. Half of it on the mission of transmitting the liberating aspect of the Art experience. Born in Spain, I moved to Charlottesville 8 years ago where I coordinated many murals with elementary school students. I'm also the artistic humpadumpa at IX Art Park. 




Aimee McDavitt

After a 25-year retreat 

from creating art, I have returned with quite a different perspective. I am living with chronic illness, and while it is rarely the subject of my art, this experience has emphasized the importance of learning to seek, create, and enjoy happiness within the confines of my situation. While I use both realism and abstract expressionism in the work, my process of creating art is less about the final product than it is an exhalation of fulfilling personal encounters, connections, experiences, and strong emotions. Ultimately, my painting is a vehicle for me to continue to live more fully than I ever have — to truly live until I reach the end of my lifetime and through my art, I endeavor to leave behind happy memories.

FB: LittleGronnegaard


Judy McLeod

Judy McLeod, Artist and Arts Educator. With an MFA at Virginia Commonwealth and practicing as a printmaker, McLeod founded and directed The Print Workshop at McGuffey Art Center for 20 years. Printmaking led to a decade of concentration on drawing which, in turn led to McLeod’s current emphasis on mixed-media collage which combines the printmaker’s layering process with drawing and painting.






Susan Northington

Susan Northington is an abstract painter and an elementary teacher living in Charlottesville Virginia. With each piece she creates intense personal moments reflecting upon experiences and emotions both from interior and exterior views.








Sharon Shapiro

For over 20 years, Sharon Shapiro’s figurative paintings and works on paper have been exhibited in numerous venues. including shows in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and London. Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at {Poem88} Gallery in Atlanta, GA; Brenau University in Gainesville, GA; and Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, VA. Shapiro holds a BFA from the Atlanta College of Art and currently lives and works outside of Charlottesville, VA. 

IG: sharonshapiro







Mara Sprafkin

Mara Sprafkin is a Brooklyn native who relocated to Charlottesville in 2011. She is an artist and draws with stickers, markers, pencils, paper, w


lors, tape, scissors and x-

acto knives. Sprafkin had a solo show at Second Street Gallery in 2010.

IG: marasprafkin







Nina Thomas

Nina Thomas makes 

drawings, prints, and paintings about the people and places around her, creating surfaces full of repeated lines and shapes. Since graduating from UVA in 2015, she has lived in Charlottesville, working with books and art, and making some of her own.

IG: ninasat









Ryan Trott

Ryan Trott is an elementary art educator, illustrator, artist and musician based in Charlottesville, Virginia. His work focuses on making connections between education, children’s art, illustration, and collaborative artmaking.

IG: ryanetrott




Arrietta van der Voort

Arrietta van der Voort is a mixed media artist working primarily in photography, collage, and drawing. She is interested in personal storytelling through the use of text and/or self-portrait in her work.

IG: arriettamakesthings










Ben (Bn) Whitlow

Ben (Bn) Whitlow is a Charlottesville / Crozet native, Father, Musician and IT Professional.  Bn spends his spare time with his children, going to amusement parks, playing video games, riding bikes, waiting patiently for the next Star Wars movie or drawing cats for his partner, Kathryn.  










My paintings evoke the fluctuating space between the natural world and symbolic mythology, confronting the viewer with archetypical images, fantastically imagined, with enough realistic visual effects to maintain a suspension of disbelief. 

IG: rscwitt





Kristie Wood

Kristie Wood, a native C-Villian, is a mixed-media artist, painter, and photographer.  Having been on an unintentional artistic hiatus since the early 90’s, she has only recently reclaimed that familiar spirit and drive and is once again finding inspiration to create.  She is currently working on painting commissioned pet portraits, and combining her photography with encaustic painting.







Sarah Boyts Yoder

Sarah Boyts Yoder is a mixed media painter based in Charlottesville, VA. She received an MFA in painting from James Madison University in 2006. Over the last decade she has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions in South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Washington DC and Virginia. Sarah has twice been a fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2013, 2014) and in 2014 she was awarded a professional fellowship in painting from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.








Cate West Zahl

After studying studio art at Hamilton College, Cate West Zahl makes abstract paintings out of her 

Charlottesville studio.


IG: catewestzahl


Dan Zimmerman

43, architect, dad, skateboarder, husband, business 

owner, sketcher, bassist, optimist. 

IG: misterzman

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